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Clear waters, soft sand and lots of fun.

The Beach

The colours of summer

Aeginitissa beach, a charming sandy cove of Aegina Island is exactly what the perfect beach should be; shallow azure waters, glistening white sand, eucalyptus trees that reach the wave crest and an incomparable ambiance of utter relaxation. Modern sun loungers, soothing rhythms and exquisite beachside services by Fyki Beach Restaurant make Aeginitissa the place to be!

The Beach

Let’s talk about fashion

If you haven’t already heard of the famous Fistiki Boutique in the center of Aegina Town, then this is the perfect chance to introduce yourself to inimitable style! A well-chosen handpicked selection of fashion items and beach essentials from around the world that add stylish zing to all your beach looks, alongside exceptional décor pieces for your home! Say hello to style!